Double sided non-woven tapes

Product description

Double-sided non-woven tapes comprise a substrate (usually very thin) made of non-woven paper fibres both sides of which are coated with an acrylic (solvent- or dispersion-based) or rubber (natural or synthetic) adhesive. One of the two faces is covered with a paper or plastic release liner.

Acrylic adhesives are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, whereas rubber adhesives are better suited to indoor applications and those requiring adhesion to low surface energy substrates.

All our tapes can be supplied as rolls, sheets or in custom cut shapes.

Technical properties

  • Hand tearable
  • Flexible and extremely conformable
  • Plasticizers resistant
  • Good peel strength
  • Good shear resistance
  • Good temperature resistance

Main application

Permanent assembly


Thermal insulation

Fire protection

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