Product description

The term aerosol glue, or spray glue, includes single-component adhesives to be sprayed without additional additives. They are adhesives for industrial applications because they save costs and application time (no need for additional tools). The advantages are numerous: always ready to use, fast, easy to use and safe (does not drip).

Spray adhesives are grouped into two main families, based on the type of spray jet.

  • Synthetic elastomers: for everyday assembly work with no significant stresses (e.g. door trim, floor mats, rugs, cloths, rubber, metal, vinyl, etc.)
  • Polychloroprene or neoprene: high mechanical strength, good resistance to plasticisers, maintains properties very well at temperature and adheres extremely well to numerous substrates such as plastics (PVC, foams, etc.), rubbers, metals, wood, cork, textiles and leather.

Technical properties

  • Quick setting adhesive
  • Precise spray
  • Good resistance to heat and moisture

Main applications

Structural bonding


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