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Interview of Pat Wright, ADDEV Walco, Key Account Manager

His work experience:

Start at 23 years old

Start Machine Operators october 1993 – Job posting in a news letter

1996 Production Manager – 7 Years

2003 Plant Manager-7 years

Project Development Manager- 3 years

Sales – 2018

KAM – from september 2019

ADDEV Materials :

You have a very good progression in the company, what motivates you every day?

Pat Wright :

The ability to help customers find a solution, anywhere from materials, pricing, fixing issues, simply help them solve a problem.

This motivation has driven me since working in production and still now in Sales.

When I was in production it was first the daily challenge to keep all orders running on target, there was never two days the same.

ADDEV Materials :

What are your new professional challenges?

Pat Wright :

Since I’m in the Sales Department I get to interact directly with customers more, earlier in project management my interactions were more geared to the internal team.

When I’m talking to them, I try to find a solution for their needs, type of product/process, problem solving.

I have current customer but new customers too even if it’s the same job it’s a different approach.

One of the new challenges also is that with ADDEV PROFOM and AMC we have a new offering, a largest one. It’s a new challenge, more knowledge needed it’s but definitely a plus for the customer.

ADDEV Materials :

What gives meaning to your work?

Pat Wright :

Obtain a PO (Product Orders) from a customer, I’m kidding.

Satisfaction from knowing that we find a solution for the customer. And to know that we developed this solution in a partnership to innovate, make the business grow.

Assist customers in their job, problem solving.

It’s also about the fact that in the company we work as a Team, I work a lot with the project development department. I was the manager of this department and now I see all the new tools they develop and it’s very helpful in my daily job. I can see how this department is evolving and how it is key in the relation with our customers

ADDEV Materials :

Which value do you identify with the most regarding TEAM (Trust / Enthusiasm / Autonomy / Motivation) Why ?

Pat Wright :

« Trust and enthusiasm”

Enthusiasm : comes natural, directly working with customer, this is the only way to a sale. If you are not enthusiast about your job/company how can you expect customers to be enthusiast working with your company?

Trust : Trust gives you confidence. Need to trust the people in the company. If there is no trust between the people in the company, customers can see/feel that and it’s not good for business.

When you are not always at the company, when you are visiting customers you have to have trust in the team working on the project of your customers.

ADDEV Materials :

What is your best memory at ADDEV Materials ?

Pat Wright :

Throughout my 27-year career with WALCO, I was not only able to witness the growth of the company, but I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. Starting in production and working my way to key account manager, I was able to understand the company and it’s processes from the ground up. When I first began my career with  WALCO there was only a single crew that included five machine operators and two packagers.

Working a single crew often meant working long hours with many 12-14 hour days in order to keep up with the workload. To ensure accurate and consistent customer satisfaction, the company developed a quality system to an international standard and this meant many hours would be spent by managers and operators documenting, developing, and completing machine setting cards in order to only improve their productivity. With business thriving WALCO, knew they had to increase their machine time, which meant starting and hiring on a whole second shift.

The primary focus of the company was to produce as much quality material through the machines as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. Even with two shifts running machines, the business was still growing quicker than it could produce. WALCO was forced to run their machines around the clock and introduced a third shift. The third shift proved to be a success marked by the growth and quality that has come to be known as ‘ADDEV WALCO Inc’ today”. 

ADDEV Materials :

What is your motto?

Pat Wright :

“If you want people to treat you fair you have to treat them fair”