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Ambulances, tractors, refrigerated trucks, motor homes, etc. These specialty vehicles all require the use of assembly and sealing solutions.

For example, for campers and caravans, many applications are possible:

  • Fixing of accessories
  • The installation of floor coverings
  • Mounting of mirrors and components
  • Masking and protection
  • Surface protection
  • Insulation/sealing
  • Cable fixing
  • Hole filling
Specialty Vehicle Camper

Motorhomes and caravans

In specialty vehicles, the number one issue for assembly is watertightness.

The assembly methods must meet three criteria:

  • Flexibility/versatility
  • Structural aspects
  • Speed of implementation

Below are examples of the use of ADDEV Materials assembly solutions for motorhomes and caravans:

Specialty Vehicle Sealing
1. Attachment of accessories

The interior trim of motor homes is made up of panels, plates, and various accessories that are assembled to the vehicle structure.

Depending on constraints such as the weight of these accessories, different types of products can be used:

  • Double-sided film and non-woven tape
  • Transfer tape
  • Double-sided foam
  • Viscoelastic acrylic foam

Panels that require particularly strong fastening can be assembled using structural adhesives such as methacrylate, polyurethane (PU) or epoxy.

2. Installation of floor coverings

In motorhomes, PVC floor coverings can wear out and need to be replaced. To fix these floor coverings, the use of double-sided adhesive tape based on film, non-woven, or transfer is the most practical solution, as it facilitates the replacements of the worn-out covering.

3. Mirror mounting and components

Like many accessories, mirrors can either be glued or attached with double-sided polyethylene foam adhesives.

4. Masking and protection

Decorative patterns on exterior paints can be applied by masking, using single-sided paper, PVC or PET tape.

5. Surface protection

Protective films are used for surface protection on body parts, e.g. to proectect against gravel impacts or scratches. For permanent, long-lasting protection, the use of single-sided PU tapes is particularly effective.

6. Insulation/sealing

For the insulation of caravans and motor homes, it is possible to inject insulating foams, but also to stick panels directly to the walls, for example, with double-sided adhesive tape.

These panels can be joined with single-sided tape on a non-woven, PET, or fabric base.

7. Cable fixing

Cables can be fixed using single-sided tapes based on PE, PET felt, or canvas.

8. Hole filling/sealing

For aesthetic and waterproofing reasons, holes are either filled with silicone, MS polymer sealant, or with single-sided sealing tape.

The sealants used for the sealing of the external parts (roof) are designed to resist expansion, UV and external aggression.

ADDEV Materials can provide all of the above mentioned assembly solutions for specialty vehicles.

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