ADDEV Materials

The V.I.E at ADDEV Materials

What is the V.I.E. (Volontariat International en Entreprise) policy within ADDEV Materials ?

For ADDEV Materials, the V.I.E. system is a strategic choice to attract or develop its young talents.
We propose V.I.E. after internship contracts, work-study contracts or even to people with permanent contracts, who after having started their professional career, wish to have an international experience, a real springboard for their career.
The V.I.E. program also allows us to increase our visibility on the market for young graduates or at the beginning of their career and to attract profiles that stand out.
For many years now, we have been sending V.I.E.s to different continents. At ADDEV Materials, this program is aimed at all job families: sales, operations, or transversal functions, such as finance, marketing…

The V.I.E. at ADDEV Materials is a key step in the career of our talents

Why do a V.I.E. within ADDEV Materials ?

At ADDEV Materials we are looking for curious V.I.E. profiles, with strong entrepreneurial values, because proactivity and initiative are key factors of success on the missions we propose.
To carry out a V.I.E. mission at ADDEV Materials, it is the guarantee to have challenges to take up and responsibilities in direct link with the success of the company, whether it is on missions of Business Development on territories where we wish to develop, in projects of continuous improvement within our industrial sites, or in the structuring and the deployment of project on the transverse functions.
We are also proud to point out that the adventure does not end there: we hire more than 85% of our V.I.E.s at the end of their mission, either on a local contract or in France.

How does ADDEV Materials accompany its V.I.E. ?

We are by their side all along their adventure!
We help them to pass the administrative steps, which can sometimes be stressful, such as obtaining work permits or VISA.
During the integration phase, we systematically organize a visit to the head office in France, so that they can meet the teams and create a bond before leaving for abroad.
The support does not stop there, and continues throughout the contract with regular meetings with the manager and human resources to ensure the success of the mission.