ADDEV Materials

ADDEV Materials is a contributing company

Contributing to a more frugal and locavore industry

The environment of 2022, which brought new waves of Covid, the war in Ukraine exacerbating the shortage of agricultural land, metals and energy, combined with the fires of summer and the drought of winter, reminded us how much we had moved from a world of abundance to a world of scarcity, and that we had to speed up our efforts to preserve our resources by consuming less and better. Immediate measures to reduce energy consumption and work on our scopes 1 (direct emissions from gas and fuel) and 2 (emissions from electricity consumption) are important steps, and must be combined even more closely with changes in our business models.

CSR is now an integral part of our business model, and our recommendations for less impactful materials, quantity reduction, the fight against waste, life-cycle thinking and the circularity of containers all contribute to improving our customers' economic and environmental performance by adding more value and doing better with fewer resources. Our range of tailor-made solutions for more durable flexible materials (films, fibres, adhesives, foams) and liquids (adhesives, surface treatments, paints) promotes frugality and our commitment to "More value with less resources".

Sovereignty issues in our key industries - aeronautics, mobility, energy and healthcare - combined with supply chain pressures and expectations of local service that favour regional ecosystems, have made industry around the world more locavore.


Human capital at the heart of transformation

The search for meaning, work-life balance, a concern for fairness, the choice of more responsible companies that promote shared values such as inclusion, the promotion of women in industry and confidence in young people has totally changed the relationship with work and reshuffled the cards of attractiveness.

More than ever, attracting talent, retaining skills and offering opportunities to all generations, backgrounds and experiences are the keys to a company's commitment and sustainable performance.

At the heart of our entrepreneurial, asset-based, international and responsible growth project, the human values in our DNA guide our actions to grow together. Our differentiation as a local service in a globalised value chain positions human capital as the main driver of our development and responsible transformation.


Measuring our impact

Work on the 3th The carbon footprint of our fifteen international industrial sites is increasingly comprehensive, and our areas for improvement are clearly defined following our decarbonisation accelerator launched by BPI and ADEME. Our actions on our 'More with less' business model, our work on quantities, the LCA of products and packaging recycling, and our contribution to a more circular economy are all great daily advances in continuous improvement, but we need to go further.

Our challenge is to use facts and indicators validated jointly with our value chain to demonstrate our impact on reducing the consumption of resources and their circularity for the benefit of our customers and the industries we support. Today, all of our businesses are clearly and irrevocably focused on this shared expectation of an essential energy and ecological transition.

Making a commitment is good, taking action is better, proving it is essential - that's the ambition of ADDEV Materials, a contributory company with a long-term vision.