ADDEV Materials

Our commitment to responsibility

Our 2023 CSR report

The term "Responsible", formalised through CSR, is intrinsic to the human values that have guided ADDEV Materials since it was founded. 

This responsibility applies to our planet and its resources, our human capital, our local environment and our eco-systems, but also to our business models.

ADDEV Materials, a contributing company

"We have moved from a world of plenty to a world of scarcity, and we absolutely must speed up our efforts to preserve our resources, by consuming less and consuming better.

Immediate measures to reduce energy consumption need to be combined with changes to our business models, bringing our customers' economic and environmental objectives closer together. Our range of tailor-made solutions for more sustainable, flexible and liquid materials promotes the frugality and our commitment to "More value with less resources".

Our raison d'être

"Transforming industrial challenges into sustainable materials solutions

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Ecovadis rating

ADDEV Materials wins the Ecovadis gold medal with a score of 71/100

Key figures for 2022

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