ADDEV Materials

Involving our suppliers in a CSR approach

Responsible purchasing, at the heart of the value chain

The mission of ADDEV Materials's Purchasing department is to ensure, secure and optimise the purchase of products and services necessary for its operations and those of its customers, guaranteeing optimum performance in terms of quality, cost and delivery, and anticipating market expectations in terms of social and environmental responsibility, thanks to innovative and sustainable solutions.

A Responsible Purchasing Policy

In 2022, ADDEV Materials formalised its approach to Responsible Purchasing by drafting a new dedicated policy detailing its approach, commitments and expectations in terms of business ethics and the promotion of sustainable purchasing. Additional monitoring indicators have been identified and will be deployed in 2023. They will enable an initial mapping to be drawn up and targeted actions to be rolled out. In particular, the amounts spent with community organisations, the amounts of indirect purchases made locally and the percentage of buyers trained in responsible purchasing will be added to the existing indicators.

ADDEV Materials's Responsible Purchasing Policy is designed to ensure that a sustainable approach to purchasing is taken into account at all its sites, by sharing common values and objectives, both in the search for more environmentally-friendly solutions and products and in the adaptation of its processes, in order to integrate a set of CSR criteria into its sourcing activities and in the choice of its long-term partnerships.

Promoting responsible purchasing within value chains

ADDEV Materials seeks to establish lasting commercial relationships with its strategic suppliers, based on shared values and sensible practices. The purchasing team systematically promotes our business to suppliers through a number of channels:

  • Signature of the Responsible Purchasing Charter. An initial base of 158 partner suppliers, representing 37% of ADDEV Materials expenditure, are now signatories to the Purchasing Charter. The aim is to reach 85% by 2025.
  • An online survey, set up with the CSR team, to monitor best practice and reference products that can help achieve decarbonisation objectives.
  • The inclusion of a specific item on the agenda of supplier meetings and the inclusion of CSR criteria in sourcing.


Increase collaboration with suppliers

The environmental footprint associated with purchased products is ADDEV Materials's biggest challenge, accounting for 70% of its total environmental footprint. All the value chains upstream of its activity are therefore an integral part of its sustainable development approach.

ADDEV Materials is working to develop collaboration with its suppliers to measure the carbon impact of purchased products more accurately, with the aim of eventually obtaining a specific value for each product and thus more easily identifying levers for improvement and substitute products.

Aware that it will be several years before a precise and complete model is achieved, ADDEV Materials is working in parallel with its suppliers to develop and distribute more virtuous solutions and products, in response to customer requests or in anticipation of market demands, in particular through the use of recyclable/recycled products and the right quantity.

Within the supply chain, ADDEV Materials is positioned as a catalyst for transforming its customers' industrial challenges into sustainable solutions.