ADDEV Materials

Our investors assess our ESG criteria*.

* Environmental, social and governance criteria.

3 questions to Nathalia Millan, ESG Manager, Tikehau Capital

Why is it important to monitor ESG indicators?

As an investor, we analyse ESG risks and opportunities to prepare the company for tomorrow's world. For ADDEV Materials, which transforms plastics and chemical products, we know that regulations will impose increasingly demanding frameworks, and it is preferable for entrepreneurs to anticipate these steps in order to make sustainable development a major subject of their transformation strategy. ADDEV Materials has already started to work on the impact of its products and services, notably with the G-Pack initiative, which aims to reduce the impact of packaging. This shows that the company is taking sustainable development issues in hand throughout the value chain.

Tikehau Capital acquired a stake in ADDEV Materials in 2019. What do you think of its progress in terms of ESG criteria?

At the time, ADDEV Materials had already started to work on the subject of sustainable development; we quickly became interested in what it was doing and how we could help it to improve its ESG commitment. For example, we identified the need to carry out a carbon assessment, and we launched a programme to support the company on environmental issues. Between 2019 and 2021, ADDEV Materials made progress: it went from defining a CSR policy to defining a raison d'être and a genuine CSR roadmap with a timetable and objectives. Today, the company is integrating sustainable development into its business model and its offering. In addition, the Group meets our requirements in terms of sustainable development: having at least one member on the Board of Directors capable of challenging the management team on ESG issues, discussing a sustainable development roadmap with the Board of Directors at least once a year, and putting in place an action plan to reduce CO2 emissions.

How are you supporting the implementation of ADDEV Materials's action plan?

ADDEV Materials has defined its own roadmap, which it follows and steers. The challenge of our support is to help it improve year on year on the major points. The approach at ADDEV Materials is highly professional and structured. Our role is to listen to them, to challenge them through benchmarks carried out with our portfolio companies in order to compare their performance with that of similar companies, and to make sure that they are always improving and at the best possible level on ESG issues. ADDEV Materials is a good example of a traditional company that has embraced sustainable development. It is an active participant in our webinars, sharing best practice with other portfolio companies.