An HR policy to formalize our practices and meet our human resource challenges

ADDEV Materials aspires to become a multi-local organization while upholding the company’s core values and striking a balance between its international dimension and human size, all while maintaining high HR standards. The challenge: for every employee to grow within the teams and learn while contributing to the Group’s success.

The issues

The drafting of the Group’s Human Resources policy in 2021 allowed it to formalize best practices to address its major HR challenges.

ADDEV Materials promotes socially responsible growth in an attempt to “drive growth” among its employees. This ambition is based on the ability to listen and care for its employees with an inclusive mindset.

Five macro-processes have been defined to support this vision. These are the pillars of the HR policy: quality of work life, skills development, remuneration, performance management, and recruitment.


Quality of life at work

Thus, in 2021, the Quality of Life at Work standards have been developed by taking into account the wishes expressed by employees in four areas: safety, working conditions, work organization and team management. Priorities and measures for each site have been defined for the coming years.

The training

Thus, in 2021, the Quality of Work Life standards were developed, taking into account the wishes expressed by the employees across four areas: safety, working conditions, work organization, and team management. Priorities and metrics have been defined for each site for the coming years.

Performance management

The Group has set up an internal training school, ADDEV Academy, to develop talents and skills. The Academy provides employee-specific programs. Since everyone’s development depends on better management support, the initial focus is on training for all managers through a multi-year program. All local managers in France benefited in 2021 before the planned worldwide roll-out in 2022. ADDEV Materials now has two new performance management tools: the people review and the EVA. The people review, implemented from 2020, covers all positions, starting at supervisor level. It enables the measurement of organizations’ needs and alignment with available skills while also identifying individual expectations and any required support and training. The challenge is to better prepare development and/or mobility paths, keeping the organization’s development in mind. This career management tool also aims to collectively evaluate the teams and ensure their growth in line with the company’s development strategy. In addition, ADDEV Materials launched annual evaluation and development appraisals (EVAs) in 2021 to review every employee’s skills and career development needs.

In terms of remuneration, the HR policy intends to ensure that direct and indirect remuneration is properly aligned with the local markets and the teams’ collective and individual performance.

ADDEV Materials has also structured and digitalized the monitoring of variable remuneration-related targets for greater transparency and consistency and better alignment with collective and individual performance.


In terms of recruitment, substantial pressures within the employment market in 2021 prompted the company to strengthen its attractiveness by increasing the visibility of its employer brand, both internally and externally, through communication about its business lines and individual employee career paths. It also consolidated its recruitment processes with the local Human Resource teams, who are heavily involved in searching for local and/or innovative sourcing solutions.

The challenge is to promote the unique characteristics of ADDEV Materials, an entrepreneurial company in transition, with an international heritage, human-sized sites, and a wealth of potential professional experiences, particularly for young people seeking an attractive career path.