ADDEV Materials

A strong position in Central Europe

In 2022, ADDEV Materials, in partnership with WINTERHALDER Selbstklebetechnik GmbH (a leading German manufacturer of adhesive materials and foams), acquired a majority stake in Dickson Holland, a Dutch specialist in adhesive tapes for the construction and industrial markets.

Carried out in partnership with Winterhalder, the German leader in the conversion of adhesives and foams, this acquisition aims to develop new industrial and commercial synergies with ADDEV Materials entities already present in the region, in particular with the Belgian entity ADDEV EUROBANDS and the German entity RIEWOLDT in Cologne.

To create a strong position in the region, a new Mobility & Industries Central Europe Business Group has been created, led by our German partner Hermann Hogg as CEO.

Andy de Waard, son of the founder, remains a minority shareholder and Managing Director of Dickson Holland.

The company's core business is the distribution of tape products, with strong relationships with major global manufacturers such as tesa, 3M, and also specialist manufacturers such as Nitto, AFTC, Scapa and Avery Dennison. Over the years, Dickson has developed tape converting capabilities, as well as slitting, rewinding, bevelling and packaging processes for industrial customers in Northern Europe.


 "To make a success of this project and develop supply, industrial and commercial synergies, we have decided to draw on the skills of the existing team to create a strong position for its Mobility & Industries Business Group in Central Europe with Winterhalder, our long-standing partner in Germany".  says Pascal Nadobny, Chairman of ADDEV Materials.


 "For Dickson Holland, this partnership with ADDEV Materials Group represents a real opportunity to develop its product expertise and grow its converting business by developing synergies in BeNeLux and D-A-CH, adds Hermann Hogg, Managing Director of Winterhalder.