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Specialty vehicle applications require versatile, durable, and fast-acting assembly solutions.

The advantages of using ADDEV Materials’ sealants, adhesives, and tapes include:

  • Better sealing
  • Ease of use and speed
  • Lighter weight assemblies
  • Less corrosion problems
  • Vibration damping

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Specialty Vehicle

Assembly of specialty vehicles

Specialty purpose vehicles are non-automotive, non-aviation, and non-rail vehicles designed or adapted to meet a specific application.

  • Transport of goods: truck cabs, trailers, refrigerated trucks
  • Passenger transports: caravans, motor homes, buses, shuttles
  • Intervention vehicles: police, firemen, ambulances, etc.
  • Agricultural and construction equipment: excavators, harvesters, tractors, etc.

The design of specialty vehicles and the associated assembly solutions must meet extremely varied specifications, but with common challenges.

The challenges for the manufacturer or installer

For the manufacturer of specialty vehicles or the equipment supplier, the challenges of assembly are globally the same as in the automotive industry.

The assemblies must be:

  • Fast to implement
  • Durable (mechanical strength, watertightness, resistance to cold/heat, etc.
  • Chosen to reduce the weight of vehicles and vibrations
For the end user: durable assembly and performance gains

For the end user, having strong and durable assembly solutions reduces maintenance costs and facilitates maintenance (resistance to cleaning products).

In addition, choosing assembly solutions that contribute to reducing the overall weight of the vehicle allows the user to save on fuel and reduce its carbon impact.

Why choose ADDEV Materials' assembly solutions?

The solutions offered by ADDEV Materials

As a designer of adhesive solutions for sealing, assembly, and insulation, we offer a wide range of products to meet the assembly needs of special vehicles:

  • Adhesive tapes, single or double-sided
  • Glues
  • Adhesive mastics

Why choose such products? By using mastic, glue or viscoelastic adhesive tape assembly solutions, several problems associated with traditional assembly solutions are solved with a single solution.

A better seal

Whether they are special or not, vehicles have one thing in common: they must be watertight. However, mechanical assemblies by screwing or riveting are rarely watertight, which requires the addition of seals. Using a mastic or a viscoelastic foam directly for the assembly of special vehicles will make it possible to achieve watertight assemblies in a single step.

The ease and speed of implementation

If each assembly solution has its advantages and disadvantages, the use of adhesive tapes or glue is certainly the fastest and most practical, because it does not require any particular skills, unlike welding.

Mastics and glues require a little more know-how, as they are more sensitive to the external environment (temperature, humidity) and may require surface preparation. On the other hand, they can be more effective than traditional mechanical joining solutions for structural applications.

Lighter assemblies

Manufacturers are increasingly being asked to reduce the weight of vehicles. In this context, it is particularly interesting to substitute metals with lighter materials as much as possible. Because of their relatively low density, adhesives, tapes and sealants are a welcome alternative to metal screws and rivets.

Less corrosion problems

When joining metallic materials by screwing or riveting, galvanic corrosion problems occur very frequently. The use of adhesives, sealants or adhesive tapes eliminates the risk of corrosion at the joint.

Vibration damping

Specialty vehicle assemblers are faced with vibration and acoustic issues that ADDEV Materials’ solutions can address.

Foam assembly - vibration damping

One of ADDEV Materials’ suppliers has measured the effect that viscoelastic foam assembly can have on vibration damping for horse trailers.

Under similar road conditions, compared to a riveted connection, a reduction in vibration of around 40% was observed using a viscoelastic foam adhesive solution.

The noise generated was also reduced by an average of 30%, which is not negligible.

For the end user, the use of viscoelastic foam reduces the stress on the animals during transport.

ADDEV Materials can provide you with all adhesive tapes, mastics, and glues for your specialty vehicle sealing, assembly, and insulation needs.

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