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There is a wide range of applications that aluminum foil tapes can be used for due to its versatility. It is widely used in all kinds of industries, from manufacturing to construction. It has even made its way into the aerospace industry.

Aluminum foil tapes provide multiple benefits for a range of industries:

  • A great sealant due to low moisture vapor transmission rate
  • The acrylic adhesive, in combination with the aluminum backing, makes the tape ideal for indoor and outdoor application
  • Excellent reflection of both heat and light, protecting heat-sensitive components
  • Resistant to flame, moisture, UV and chemicals for long-term durability


Aluminum foil tape was first used for packaging during the first World War. Due to the tapes ability to protect the contents from moisture and heat, it was the preferred tape for packaging items for long distances. It is still used today as a preferred choice for securing packages.


Since aluminum foil tape is polymer coated, it is often used for coating electrical cables. It is a great solution for any temperature sensitive electrical material and provides flame resistant security.


Aluminum foil tapes within the construction industry are commonly used for securing and protecting other materials. It can adhere to fiberglass and mineral thermal wood insulation and can be used for repairing roofs and gutters. 


Aluminum foil tape started to become available for commercial use around 1945. Since then, it has been commonly used within the HVAC industry. These tapes are frequently used to seal ductwork because it easily conforms to irregular surfaces.

3M Aluminum Foil Tape 34383

One of our most recommended aluminum foil tapes for these applications is 3M 34383. This tape features an aggressive acrylic adhesive that offers good performance in a wide range of temperatures. It adheres to many surfaces and features flame, moisture, UV and chemical resistance accompanied with long-lasting durability. It can easily be torn by hand, providing easy application. This tape can be utilized for a multitude of applications within the industrial industry.


Added Value

ADDEV Materials is able to provide you with 3M 34383 in any roll length or width that best suites your application needs. We can also discuss your unique application needs and provide a tailored solution to your challenge. Whether it is aluminum foil tape or another tape material, ADDEV Materials can provide support in determining the right material for your application.

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