ADD'ALL, to promote diversity within teams

The program

ADDEV Materials launched a program in early 2021 to expand the diversity across its teams and become an even more inclusive company. Named “ADD’ALL”, this critical pillar of its HR policy will initially be aimed at three specific groups: women (“ADD’PowHER” program), young people (“ADD’YOUth” program), and people with disabilities (“ADD’DisABLE” program). It seeks to attract, retain and develop even more talents from these three groups to improve its diversity objective without neglecting other employees who are also important to it.


ADD’PowHER is the program developed the most in 2021, based on three key themes: equal treatment, training and skills development, and upgrading the subsidiaries and technical business lines. A global event was organized to launch this program as part of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, and a survey was conducted among employees to gather their experiences and opinions of this program. ADDEV Materials has since published key figures on women within its teams, distributed inspiring video profiles of women employees, and highlighted its sponsorship of the LOU Rugby women’s team in Lyon. The company also supports several women each year in their personal development and leadership through a specific program.


Video profiles of young employees were produced and distributed as part of the ADD’YOUth program in connection with the sponsorship of the LOU Rugby women’s and boys’ teams. An awareness-raising campaign on disability was conducted for the ADD’DisABLE program, highlighting inclusive HR practices by profiling certain employees with disabilities.