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CRM deployment

Already used by the sales teams in France, Poland and North America for many years, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was rolled out to the UK and Californian entities in 2022.

By implementing the same customer relationship management system across all our entities worldwide, our aim is not only to bring together all our customer data in a single tool, thereby encouraging the creation of commercial synergies, but above all to share winning practices and encourage the development of skills and commercial efficiency.

A team training and support system has been put in place, and key users by country have also been defined, with the inclusion of country representatives in the governance of the tool being a real guarantee of success.

By facilitating the collection of information relating to customer leads and contacts, and by analysing this data, our marketing and sales teams can ensure that they have a better understanding of customers and market requirements, and can therefore develop the marketing campaigns and sales approaches they need to deploy to attract, retain and build customer loyalty. 

To take data analysis even further, all our sales teams have also been trained in Power BI. Everyone can now create their own dashboards and monitor their performance more effectively. This is a practical way of raising awareness of the importance of data quality and the responsibility of each individual to contribute to it.