ADDEV Materials

Innovation Hackathon

In October 2022, ADDEV organised its first Hackathon, bringing together around fifty in-house employees and experts from outside companies to devise solutions to the technological, digital and energy challenges of the future. It was a communion of energy and desire to innovate, together, for the future of ADDEV Materials.

4 of these projects have been selected and are now at the heart of our Innovation Roadmap:

  1. Flexible sensors using printed electronics,

Pressure, temperature or position sensors: in the mobility, energy or health sectors, we believe there are many opportunities to develop flexible sensors using printed electronics.

  1. Hydrogen market

ADDEV Materials is already industrialising an adhesive film used in the manufacture of the MEA, the central multilayer component of a fuel cell. How can we go further and develop processes that will reduce the cost of manufacturing the MEA? That's what we're going to be working on, building partnerships with players in the hydrogen market.

  1. Low-carbon offer

Offering our customers eco-designated alternatives to our standard solutions means having a range of solutions incorporating :

  • Bio-sourced or recycled materials
  • Less or no packaging
  • More sustainable transport

By making this an integral part of our Decarbonisation strategic plan, we are mobilising to support our customers in their energy transition.

  1. Reducing waste

How can we reduce and better recover our waste? Production scrap, dormant stocks, products nearing their expiry date: these are all situations where we need to innovate in order to limit material losses and find new sources of recycling.