ADDEV Materials

Simplifying data analysis to improve the management of our performance

In parallel with the convergence of the ERP systems used within the Group, an initiative has been launched to collect and standardise data in order to simplify its reading and analysis and make it more accessible.

The issues

As ADDEV Materials is made up of several entities that have been integrated over time, numerous customer data management systems (orders, sales, invoices, deliveries, lead times, etc.) are used within the Group. Since 2020, a process has been underway to aggregate this data and ensure that it has the same definition and meaning. This work is based on two complementary components. On the one hand, a technological platform has been built to automate the retrieval of data from the various systems and apply rules to present it in an intelligible way for the user. The initial objective was to provide readable indicators, using data visualisation, to feed the dashboards used by the various governance bodies. In addition, a 'data' team, working with all the Group's entities, is responsible for writing the definitions of this data and ensuring that they are applied correctly.

Data processing and use

"The work currently being carried out to standardise and process data highlights the problem of data quality and may prompt corrective action to be taken at source with the people who create the data, in terms of procedures. It also brings to light anomalies or discrepancies in practices that could lead us to compare things that are not the same. Making the data visible with data visualisation tools makes it possible to become aware of things that may have been hidden by the manual processing of the data, and to make all this data usable by other tools. It's also interesting to note that although the initial idea was to build steering indicators at Group level, the more operational employees in the entities, sites and subsidiaries have adopted this tool, which they use to manage their teams", explains Olivier Fiquet, Digital Transformation Officer.

In parallel with the work being carried out on customer data, a symmetrical system is being developed for supplier relations and product data.