Sustainable purchasing, the basis of sustainable relationships

ADDEV Materials implements a sustainable purchasing policy through supplier evaluation to meet environmental challenges and comply with increasingly stringent regulations and customer requirements. Its purpose is to build long-term business relationships with its suppliers based on shared values and ethical practices.

The environmental footprint of raw material purchases

The products that ADDEV Materials purchases account for 95 percent of its environmental footprint. As a result, the entire value chain upstream of its activities is an integral part of its sustainable development approach.

As a converter of high-performance materials, ADDEV Materials is subject to regulations such as REACH for chemicals and IMDS for the automotive sector and anticipates future regulations that will become more stringent over time. Its clients also drive the company. These include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and tier 1 suppliers whose ambitious objectives cascade down through the entire supply chain.

Responsible purchasing

Despite the fact that its purchasing structure is still in its early stages, ADDEV Materials is convinced of the value of implementing sustainable purchasing. This includes seeking out “green” products and ensuring that its suppliers adhere to social commitments and business ethics. Transparency is a crucial aspect: this includes the ability to access information and suppliers’ sites and products to conduct quality or technical audits.

ADDEV Materials has set a target of 75% of its suppliers signing its Sustainable Purchasing Charter by 2024. This Charter, updated in 2021, will be implemented in 2022 alongside supplier evaluation and self-audits. Given the size of its suppliers and the weight that ADDEV Materials carries with them, this target is ambitious.

In collaboration with our stakeholders

“Our sustainable purchasing approach is predominantly based on promoting activity and evaluating our suppliers. We are gradually moving toward a collaborative approach through joint projects concerning product development, production relocation to be closer to the point of consumption, product application developments, or the use of recyclable/recycled or alternative products,” explains Patrick Grande, Purchasing Director.

Replacing a rivet or screw with adhesive tape to reduce a vehicle’s weight, substituting a plastic product with a wood-based paper product, etc. Purchasing works with suppliers to explore new solutions and supports the Innovation teams in developing the most efficient solutions. In addition, to optimize supplier resources, a system of monitoring their activities will be launched to identify their internal developments and assess opportunities for our clients. ADDEV Materials is a key player in transforming its clients’ industrial challenges into sustainable solutions.