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Support for young talent

Helping our employees to grow and developing their careers is an integral part of our HR strategy. It's a team effort between the employee, the manager and the HR partner to prepare for the future. Our aim is to draw up an annual skills development plan to this end, based on employees' wishes for career development and the organisation's current and future skills development needs. We activate several learning levers: training, role-playing, peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing, etc.

We are also committed to taking into account the aspirations of our young people to help them find the career path that inspires them. To do this, we set ourselves the goal of being transparent and consistent about the opportunities, the needs of the company and the demands of our employees, so that we always maintain this balance in the solutions we find. It's an approach based on listening and openness that must be favoured to encourage initiatives, while being realistic about opportunities. In this respect, the VIE* programme is a fine example of the career springboards at ADDEV: a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills in a foreign entity, to benefit from intercultural exchanges and to compare the practices of different countries.

Helping our employees to grow in a Group that is constantly evolving and growing, and finding the right skilled and motivated person in the right place at the right time, is a constant and stimulating challenge for HR.

ADDEV is made up of many fine career stories, with rich trajectories, from 'operations' professions to support or business functions, and vice versa, from the operational field to responsibility for profit centres... HR development means fostering the fulfilment of our employees while contributing to greater efficiency in our organisations, always looking ahead to the 'next move'.


*International corporate volunteering