Covestro & ADDEV Materials

Innovation is at the core of our business. It is on this basis that we have built a strong partnership with Covestro to meet our customers’ requirements.

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A partnership built on trust

Covestro & ADDEV Materials

For many years, Covestro & ADDEV Materials work together to offer dedicated solutions for power & automotive market.

Covestro offers a wide range of technical materials, including polycarbonate films under dedicated brands (Makrofol® and Bayfol®). The combination of this product offering with ADDEV Materials’ extensive processing capabilities enables us to offer a wide range of solutions to meet our customers’ industrial challenges. 


Covestro is one of the leading manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials in the world with two key challenges : develop innovative and sustainable solutions for their customers.

Thanks to their strong expertise in a wide range of materials (adhesives, coatings, composites, elastomers, foams, films…) Covestro is well implemented in mobility markets like railway and automotive but also in many other business sectors like construction, energy, electronics…

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Makrofol® is Covestro’s brand for polycarbonate films. These products offer a high heat resistance, transparency and elasticity over a wide temperature range. They also provide outstanding electrical insulation properties, as well as abrasion and chemical resistance.

They are ideal for man-machine interface and screen printing applications.

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