Polyurethane sealants

Product description

The polyurethane mastic is a single component elastomer mastic based on urethane polymerizing at room temperature. They are mainly used in applications requiring to assemble and to seal, we speak then about mastic-glue, or glue polyurethane mastic.

The polyurethane mastic has the advantage of having a good resistance to shocks and vibrations thanks to its elasticity (assembly of materials with different thermal expansion coefficients) and high mechanical performances.

Depending on the applications sought for the choice of a polyurethane mastic joint, it is necessary to make a compromise between :

  • The flexibility of a joint for the assembly between 2 different materials
  • The firmness of a joint for sealing.

Technical properties

  • Good tear strength
  • Good resistance against weather
  • Excellent resistance to UV
  • High resistance to temperature
  • Excellent mechanical strength (tensile and shear)

Main applications

Structural bonding


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