Product description

ELAN-film is an innovative composite PET film, ideally matched to the performance required whilst operating at temperature ranges up to 200°C, ensuring that electrical machines have a long and reliable service life.

This film offers electrical insulation for the following parts : wedges, slot liners, phase separators, phase liners… into high temperature environments.

Technical properties

  • The composite construction gives the film a fully integrated structure suitable for slitting, forming and cutting
  • High performing primary insulation for magnet wire
  • Offers superior electrical properties and is rated as UL Class H (180°C)
  • Provides outstanding moisture and chemical resistance and has excellent bonding with ELANTAS Brand varnishes and secondary insulating resins

Main applications

Electrical insulation

Thermal insulation

Chemical protection

Our partnership with Elantas

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For many years, Elantas & ADDEV Materials have been working together to meet the needs of industrial market players when it comes to electrical insulation applications or protective solutions.

Thanks to our custom packaging of chemicals capabilities and our distribution skills as well as Elantas’ large range of chemicals products, we provide solutions that cover the needs of our customers for their electricial insulation challenges.

Our converting capabilities dedicated to films