Product description

The attachment system for VELCRO Hook and Loop reclosable fasteners is based on two strips.

One strip is covered with hooks secured to a support whereas the other strip has a support which forms a backing for the loops. To activate the fastening system, simply press the two strips together to engage the hooks with the loops.

This closing system can be used thousands of times. There are many types and shapes of hook and loop to suit the type of application.

The rear side of the support (made of nylon or polyamide) is coated with an acrylic or rubber adhesive or is sewn (onto fabrics and cloths) which makes it possible to secure the system to a wide variety of surfaces.

Technical properties

  • Good temperature resistance
  • Resistance to plasticizers
  • Vibrations damping
  • Tensile strength
  • UV resistant

Main application

Non-permanent assembly

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