Butyl sealants

Product description

Butyl sealants are plastic sealants (sometimes called butyl rubber) based on elastomer (polyisobutene) used for sealing applications due to their excellent resistance to UV, moisture and aging.

Unlike other sealants, butyl sealant does not polymerize (does not change its properties over time): since the butyl sealant is already in its plastic form, it is referred to as a plastic sealant because the mechanical behavior of butyl sealants is that of a permanent plastic reaction.

Butyl sealant is available in rolls, strips (adhesive or not) or in cartridge packaging.

Technical properties

Thanks to their adhesion characteristics, butyl sealants adhere to metals, concrete, glass, wood, ceramics, plastic materials (polyethylene…).

  • High flexibility
  • Gastight (low water vapor and gas permeability)
  • Good water resistance
  • Good resistance to aging
  • Resistance to plasticizers

Main applications

Structural bonding


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