Product description

PEN Teonex ® films are PolyEthylene Naphthalate films. It is a Polyethylene Naphthalate film chemically comparable to PET, but which offers superior properties, especially in terms of temperature. Indeed, PEN film starts to shrink at around 190°C instead of 130°C for PET films.

Polyethylene Naphthalate PEN films are designed for situations where films are subjected to particularly harsh conditions, such as high temperatures (155°C), contact with aggressive chemicals or applications where barrier performance is required.
With superior properties to PET, Teonex PEN technical films close the performance gap between PET polyester films and high performance polyimide films (Kapton).

Technical properties

  • Good dimensional stability
  • Use in harsh environment: high temperatures, agressive chemical products
  • Acts as a barrier

Main applications

Electrical insulation

Thermal insulation

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