Hybrid / MS polymer sealants

Product description

The hybrid mastic is a one-part sealant, silane-modified polymer-based mastic that cures with moisture to form a high-performance elastomer. The curing time after application of the hybrid sealant is fast, in the order of 5 to 10 minutes (under normal temperature and humidity conditions) and after the drying time, there is no shrinkage.

Hybrid sealants adhere extremely well to a large number of substrates. This sealant adheres to metals, porous materials (concrete), wood and plastics (PVC, polyesters, etc.) usually without requiring a primer.

Note that hybrid sealants are silicone-free and contain no solvents or isocyanate (a product which is toxic for humans and the environment).

Technical properties

  • High mechanical strength
  • Very high resistance to UV
  • Excellent resistance against weather
  • Excellent resistance against ageing

Main applications

Structural bonding


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