Silicone sealants

Product description

Silicone sealants are generally polysiloxanes, i.e. a silicon-oxygen chain to which organic groups such as methyl groups can be attached.

Silicone sealants polymerize at room temperature under the action of humidity and are called RTV sealants.

We can distinguish 3 main families of RTV silicones (for Room Temperature Vulcanization) according to the nature of the products released during cross-linking:

  • Acetic silicones ;
  • Alkoxy neutral silicones;
  • Oxime neutral silicones.

Technical properties

  • Very good resistance against ageing
  • Very good resistance to weathering
  • UV radiation
  • Very good electrical insulation properties
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Very good resistance to moisture
  • Excellent temperature resistance

Main applications

Structural bonding


Electrical insulation

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