Product description

Thermex® is a flexible insulation made of Nomex® aramid paper, calendered on one or both side with a Mylar®-type polyethylene terephthalate film.

Due to its high tensile, tear and electrical strength, Aramid and PET laminates are widely used in electrical engineering.

This material is offered in standard widths, cut, notched, taped, or in the form of pieces on request.

Technical properties

  • High tensile, tear and electrical strength
  • Excellent chemical and thermal properties of aramid paper ideally complement the good electrical and mechanical values of polyester film.
  • Aramid papers are characterized by their outstanding resistance to chemicals, solvents and high temperatures (220°C).
  • The aramid paper cover layers protect the polyester film even at high temperatures from the harmful effects of oxidation and hydrolysis and from mechanical damage (systems from 155 to 180°C).

Main applications

Electrical insulation

Thermal insulation

Mechanical protection

Chemical Protection

Chemical protection

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