Resins & Varnishes

Resins & Varnishes

ADDEV Materials offers a wide range of resins & varnishes to cover the needs of mobility & industrial market players. 

Thanks to our one-part, two-part resins and varnishes, we offer dedicated solutions for impregnation, potting, encapsulation applications but also for protection and electrical insulation.

resins and varnishes

Technical specifications

One-part resins

One-part resins provide the bond between the different parts of the final material. For encapsulation applications, single component resins offer protection against harsh environments: shock / vibration / chemical aggression.

One of the attractive features of this type of resin is that it is easy to include fillers or additives in the formulation since there is no increase in viscosity. This simplifies component quantity control and the repeatability during production for optimal utilization of consumables.

Our technical experts can help you to find the formulation which provides the most effective solution for your application.

Two-part resins

Two-part resins give materials superior mechanical protection and chemical properties and better durability. They comprise a mixture of two components, a resin and a hardener, which are kept in separate packs or compartments until the product is mixed. The pre-defined mix ratios must be respected.

They can be used as encapsulation resins or as mould-release resins and provide optimal protection. Epoxide, polyurethane or silicone formulations are often used to coat a winding which has already been varnished to provide additional protection, and are more commonly used to protect electronic components and circuits.



Varnishes can be used as impregnation varnishes, finishing varnishes or even as conformal coatings.

  • Impregnation varnish: impregnation involves covering the winding with a varnish dissolved in a solvent or in water.
  • Insulating varnishes are based on epoxides, phenolics, polyesters, polyurethanes, silicones or acrylics 
  • Conformal coatings protect and extend the service life of electrical equipment. They have been developed specifically to protect printed circuits or certain components of transformers or motors from difficult environmental conditions (moisture, salty environments, chemicals, elevated temperatures).

Our converting capabilities dedicated to resins & varnishes

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