Product description

VILEDON® is a nonwoven based on aramid or polyester fibers that offer very good electrical insulation properties and thermal stability.

The physical and chemical properties of VILEDON® depend on the type of synthetic fiber used and the addition of other materials.

Aramid fibers for example have excellent thermal stability and durability for insulation applications in motors, generators and transformers.

VILEDON® is a mechanically consolidated polyester nonwoven that is widely used in thermal insulation systems for interlayer protection applications in cables.

Technical properties

In electrical applications, the use of impregnating resins as insulation requires materials with good absorptive, mechanical and chemically stable properties and VILEDON® nonwovens fulfill this role perfectly.

Main properties :

  • Excellent impregnability
  • Highly compatible with resin and varnish
  • Thermal stability (thermal class B)

Main applications

Electrical insulation

Thermal insulation

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