Double sided acrylic foam tapes

Product description

Double-sided acrylic foam adhesive tapes differ from other types of double-sided foam adhesive tapes in that they do not have a substrate.

These adhesives consist exclusively of a viscoelastic acrylic core – the elastic property means that it can withstand high levels of elastic deformation while the viscous property gives the tape high internal stiffness.

Double-sided high performance acrylic foam adhesive tape is marketed under different tradenames:

  • VHB® products by 3M™
  • ACXplus products by tesa®
  • Hyperjoint® products by Nitto
  • Norbond® products by Saint-Gobain

Technical properties

  • High conformability
  • High elongation
  • Resistance to environmental degradation (weather, UV, etc.)
  • Excellent mechanical strength (shear, tensile, peel, etc.)
  • High resistance to high temperatures
  • Shock and constraints absorption
  • Very good resistance to plasticizers

Main applications

Permanent assembly


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