Double sided cloth tapes

Product description

We produce a great many double-sided cloth adhesive tapes, each suited to specific applications.

Various fibres (cotton, polyester, rayon, etc.) are used to make the substrate for double-sided cloth adhesive tapes with different weaves to suit the intended application.

The adhesive used is generally rubber (natural or synthetic) and some tapes have a different grade of rubber adhesive on each side to create different properties.

There are three classes of weave:

  • Tight: developed for less demanding applications which require good mechanical characteristics yet
  • Moderately tight: offer high mechanical strength, notably in shear, but remain flexible and conformable
  • Very tight: used to withstand very high mechanical stresses while retaining its flexibility and conformability.

Technical properties

  • Hand tearable
  • Good conformability
  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to chemicals (acids, bases)
  • Good mechanical strength (tensile strength)
  • Good temperature resistance

Main applications

Permanent assembly


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