PI (Polyimide) films

Product description

PI (Polyimide) film has exceptional electrical, mechanical, physical and chemical properties. The thermal class of polyimide, in use, is Class C, which corresponds to a temperature index above 240°C.

Thanks to these extraordinary characteristics, polyimide film is a flexible insulator that remains stable in the face of extreme temperatures, allowing it to be used between -269 degrees and + 400 degrees. Polyimide film can be used in various industrial applications requiring important electrical, mechanical or thermal properties.

For applications subject to high heat and vibration, polyimide is used extensively for its ability to maintain its unique combination of properties under the most difficult conditions.

Technical properties

  • Self-extinguishing (UL94 V-0).
  • No melting temperature, it carbonizes at over 800°C and gives off very little smoke.
  • No known organic solvents.
  • Tg above 350°C.
  • Usable from – 269°C to 400°C.
  • Very good dielectric strength (300KV/mm on a 25µm film base)
  • Very good resistance to radiation.

Main applications

Electrical insulation

Thermal insulation

Flame retardant

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