Polifilm & ADDEV Materials

Innovation is at the heart of our business. It is on this basis that we have built a solid partnership with Polifilm to meet our customers' requirements.

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A strong partnership

Polifilm & ADDEV Materials

Polifilm and ADDEV Materials have been partners for many years in the development of film solutions for the industrial market.

Polifilm's expertise in protective films combined with our dedicated converting capabilities for technical films enable us to provide solutions that perfectly meet our customers' needs.

Polifilm supports our developments in many industrial sectors.


Polifilm specialises in the manufacture of : 

  • Antiviral films
  • Personal protective film solutions
  • Technical films
  • Stretch film
  • Solutions for the automotive industry
Focus on

Biobased protective films

As environmental concerns continue to grow, Polifilm has developed an innovative and sustainable plant-based protective film to meet its customers' challenges while being more responsible.

These PE films are made from 85% biosourced polyethylene. This green PE can be obtained from renewable resources such as maize or sugar cane. These biological raw materials have already absorbed carbon dioxide from the air during their growth (one tonne of green PE absorbs three tonnes of CO2).