Adhesive Tapes & Foams

Adhesive Tapes & Foams

Addevmaterials member AferiaADDEV Materials offers a wide range of adhesive tapes and foams for a variety of applications from masking to sealing, from floor marking to thermal protection, from repair to high performance assembly.

ADDEV Materials, a converter of high performance materials, offers one of the widest ranges of materials on the market with over 15,000 products converted and cut into over 40,000 customized solutions.

Adhesive Tapes Foams

Technical specifications

The carrier

The carrier is a flexible material that can be of different composition : paper, films (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyimide (Kapton), polyester, PTFE, PVC, metal (aluminum, copper, lead), rubber, foam, glass cloth...

Each support has its own technical characteristics allowing it to answer specific industrial challenges.

Adhesive Tapes Foams carrier

The adhesive mass

Three main families of adhesive mass are distinguished:

  • Rubber adhesive mass: Its versatility and low cost are its greatest advantages. It has high tack and initial adhesion but limited resistance to high and low temperatures, chemical attack and plasticizers. These characteristics make it a good choice for interior applications.
  • Acrylic adhesive mass: Despite an average initial adhesion, its final adhesion is high, which means that it increases progressively over time. It has good (even excellent) mechanical resistance to aging, UV, cold, humidity, solvents and plasticizers, which makes it a perfect choice for permanent outdoor applications. Acrylic adhesives allow efficient bonding of low surface energy materials (i.e. plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, …). One of its characteristics is that it is transparent, making it the ideal adhesive for bonding transparent materials.
  • Silicone adhesive mass: Despite low initial adhesion and poor resistance to hydrocarbons and plasticizers, silicone adhesives have excellent adhesion to silicone materials, excellent resistance to extreme temperatures.
Adhesive Tapes Foams Mass

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