One-part epoxy

Product description

As impregnation resin, potting resin or encapsulation resin, epoxy resins are mainly used to obtain a solid and impact resistant assembly.

One component epoxy resins are thermosetting, which means that they harden under the effect of heat (temperature). The resin polymerizes into a hard, rigid and solid material.

We can offer you resins adapted to all types of implementation (simple dipping, dipping under vacuum and pressure, casting…) then baking at temperature.

Technical properties

During the polymerization process, they show little shrinkage. In addition to their high mechanical performance, these resins have good behavior at high temperatures and adhere to many substrates.

Epoxy impregnating resins can be used as varnishes with very high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical protection to impregnate copper wire windings in electric motor or electric transformer applications.

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