One-part cyanoacrylate

Product description

Cyanoacrylate glue consists of a single compound: a generally ethyl cyanoacrylate base with different levels of fluidity, solvent-free and very fast curing at room temperature (under the influence of air humidity). This glue also has a very strong adhesion which is why it is called “superglue”.

The single component cyanoacrylate glue has several viscosity levels depending on the nature of the substrates: for smooth materials (such as metals), a liquid glue should be preferred, whereas for porous materials (such as ceramics), we will choose a gel glue.

  • Low: viscosity equivalent to that of a liquid, rather used for gluing with parts already in place and for small surfaces. The bonding is done by capillarity by penetrating all the interstices of the substrates.
  • Medium : viscosity equivalent to olive oil, for general applications.
  • High: viscosity equivalent to liquid honey, for irregular or porous surfaces.
  • Gel: can stick on all substrates in general (metals, wood, leather, paper…) but especially for irregular and porous surfaces (porcelain, ceramics…) with important gaps to fill between substrates.

Technical properties

  • Fast-setting bonding
  • High bond strength
  • Strong adhesion on plastic & rubber
  • High shear strength
  • Good chemical resistance (solvents)
  • Use on small surfaces

Main applications

Structural bonding


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