Two-part polyester

Product description

Polyester resins are used primarily for inclusion, embedding or encapsulation applications. They repair, consolidate and seal many substrates.

There are three main types of polyester resin:

  • Gel-coat: thixotropic, this resin does not flow when applied to a vertical wall.
  • Transparent casting and embedding resin: it is advisable to heat the mold before casting the resin because it shrinks by 3 to 5%.
  • The opaque casting resin to be filled: with its low viscosity, this polyester resin is recommended for mass casting.

Technical properties

Because of their high shrinkage during polymerization, polyester resins are rarely used in mechanical applications. For this type of application, it is preferable to use a polyurethane resin.

Some polyester resins are perfectly adapted to marine applications.

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