One-part nitrile

Product description

Single component nitrile adhesives are contact adhesives based on nitrile rubber and solvents (acetone, toluene, butanone, ethanol…) of rather liquid viscosity. Their resistance to plasticizers makes them suitable for vinyl and nitrile rubber bonding applications.

Nitrile glue has many applications on a wide variety of substrates (concrete, brick, plaster, wood, steel, aluminium, polyester, PVC…). However, bonding conditions are not optimal on substrates such as expanded polystyrene, copper or bituminous substrates.

Technical properties

  • Good resistance to plasticizers
  • Excellent resistance to oils and hydrocarbons
  • Fast drying
  • Good resistance to ageing, UV and humidity
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Heat resistance

Main applications

Structural bonding


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