Two-part epoxy

Product description

The two-part epoxy glue is an adhesive made up of an epoxy resin and a hardener polymerizing at room temperature, located in 2 distinct compartments. Mixing is done at the time of bonding using EPX (Exact Proportioning miXer) gun type accessories. Mixing ratios vary depending on the product and the application.

It is sometimes referred to as a structural adhesive because of its remarkable mechanical performance, particularly in shear (over 7 MPa at room temperature). Two-part epoxy adhesives have excellent adhesion to metals, thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers as well as composite materials, which makes them a perfect solution for structural assemblies on most substrates.

We have a wide range of two-component epoxy adhesives with different curing times and viscosities for different applications.

Technical properties

  • Very high mechanical resistance (peeling, shearing)
  • Resistance to temperature
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals (organic compounds)

Main applications

Structural bonding


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