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To make life easier for our customers, ADDEV Materials offers custom die-cut tapes. Below are just a few of our converting solutions tailored to the shaping of specialty vehicle materials.

What needs does custom cutting meet?

In speciality vehicles, there are as many assembly needs as there are applications. In other words, each customer has unique needs, so it's up to the material supplier to adapt.

As a designer of customized solutions, ADDEV Materials offers its OEM and specialty vehicle customers adhesives that are:

  • Cut to size
  • In rolls of customized dimensions
Save time on specialty vehicle outfitting with ADDEV Materials.

For the operator or technician who outfits specialty vehicles, the main advantage of custom cutting of adhesives is its practicality. By having direct access to materials adapted to specific applications, the need for manual cuts is completely replaced. This saves the operator or technician precious time and guarantess optimal reproducibility. 

Custom die-cut adhesives for special vehicles

ADDEV Materials offers 2 main types of adhesive converting services:

  • Roll cutting to size
  • Die-cutting
Roll cutting

By cutting an adhesive film into rolls of widths from 4mm to 1500mm.


An equipment manufacturer wants to join two materials using a double-sided adhesive. He knows the load that the assembly must support and therefore the required adhesive surface. He has deduced that he needs a 7mm wide roll of double-sided adhesive foam.

Unfortunately, this width is not standard and is not available on the market. This leaves him two options:

  • Make the cuts himself, which is time-consuming
  • To call upon a material converter like ADDEV Materials

The services offered by ADDEV Materials go far beyond the simple cutting of rolls. In fact, we also offer a custom tape cutting service that can be adapted to your needs.

Our means of cutting are as follows:

Rotary cutting

  • Edge to edge
  • Notched cutting
  • With or without gripping paste
  • With or without saving the counterpart
  • Half or full cut
  • Cutting in roll

Digital cutting, prototypes

  • Small and medium series
  • Parts of any size

Laser cutting

  • For a precise half-face cutting
  • For all types of material
  • Maximum repeatability

Press cutting (stamping)

  • Medium or large series
  • Any size or thickness


A customer wants to make a watertight seal, based on a drawing.

He has already selected a double-sided foam as the material to meet his specifications, but now he needs to have 50,000 pieces cut.

ADDEV Materials is able to offer him the pre-cut pieces, presented in different forms:

  • Rolls
  • Packaged in bulk
  • Ready-to-install kits
Do you want to benefit from materials adapted to the specificities of your vehicles? Discover our custom cutting solutions!